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SNMPc Workgroup Edition

SNMPc WorkGroup is an affordable network management platform for Microsoft Windows. It is ideally suited for general monitoring and management of small to medium sized networks, or as a configuration tool for hubs, bridges and routers. SNMPc WorkGroup application programs are included for graphical display of devices and detailed management of private MIBs.

The WorkGroup Edition is based on the Enterprise Edition platform and has the same user interface and general characteristics as the Enterprise Edition. The WorkGroup version has reduced functionality over the Enterprise Edition in order to reduce the system requirements.

The following table shows the differences between SNMPc WorkGroup, SNMPc Enterprise

Feature Enterprise WorkGroup
SNMPv3 Yes Yes
Device Limit 100,000 1000
Distributed Scalable Architecture Yes  
Operating Systems Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP
Remote Console Included Yes  
Additional Remote Consoles Yes  
Remote Polling Agents Yes (10 max)  
Service Level Polling Yes Yes
Long Term Statistics Yes Yes
Scheduled Text Trend Export Yes Yes
Scheduled WEB Trend Reports Yes  
Scheduled Printed Trend Reports Yes  
Automatic ODBC Export Yes  
Event Actions/Forwarding Yes Yes
Event Email Yes Yes
Event Paging (Notify!Connect) included Yes Yes
Network Discovery/Layout Yes Yes
Real-time Graphs & Tables Yes Yes
RMON Application Yes Yes
RMON Packet Decoding Yes Yes
Device-specific GUI Applications Yes Yes
MIB Import/Browser Yes Yes
Custom Menus/Tables/Expressions Yes Yes
Programming Interfaces Yes Yes
Supports SNMPc OnLine Yes Yes